Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall 2016 - Sophomore in High School

After years of tutor support and struggling academically including doing homework with blurry vision, profound fatigue, headaches and brain fog, today Romy is symptom-free and takes accelerated classes as a sophomore in high school.  She’s also on the Constitution Team that competes with other high schools across the country. Romy's discovered a passion for civil rights, especially those for women and minorities.  She is very interested in the election and what goes on culturally with world news and events. 

Romy makes her diet and a healthy life-style top priority.  She enjoys dance classes, kick boxing, rigorous workouts at the gym, and long walks on the weekend with her dog. She loves to cook with her dad and is a master at making green smoothies.  Her family grows vegetables and cooks almost every night.  

Romy has become wiser and more balanced as she has healed. As she puts it, "I'm becoming more of myself."  She loves being social, and has a lot of different friends across most groups. She loves discovering herself by playing around with fashion and enjoys creating different looks with cosmetics, although she prefers no makeup for school. 

She amazes me with her stamina - a couple nights a week she'll be at school for over 12 hours straight for meetings or sporting events. Some days she'll walk all over downtown shopping or eating out with friends. All from a girl that had to crawl up stairs and use time walking very sparingly.  

Beyond grateful.  Such a joy to see life unfold for her as it has.  

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