Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Update

Here I am looking out my office window, enjoying the peace and solitude.  I'm a little sad about some things going on in the health world, but the status of my daughter is not one of them (more on that later).  She will be 15 in a month.  Healthy, living a normal life of a freshman in high school.  She's been in remission for over two years now, and no longer needs the monitoring of a Lyme doctor.  Our Story contains more details.

Romy has a stable group of friends, and new friends that have blossomed from her youth group and from classes.  She asked a boy to their winter formal sadie hawkins dance, and had a blast. This dance was on the last night of mid-terms.  Romy did great at managing the stress and extra study load and staying out late at the dance.  Amazing!  All from a girl that could barely make it through a school day, and if she did, needed to nap for a couple of hours after school.

She tried out and was selected to be on the Constitution Team for her high school.  We were elated and so happy for her! All from a girl that once had trouble reading and doing math problems because of Lyme.   Now those academic skills are a strength.

It seems as though we've made it through the hump of adjusting to high school and the growing pains mentioned before.  And I say "we" because man, I have been put through the ringer, big time.  Things have calmed down quite a bit, but the teen vs. mom stuff continues on.  Romy is separating like they do in after school specials.   The eye rolls, back-talk, and attitude.  The trying things on with me as practice.  Pressing boundaries.  Me more than her dad:) I know it's normal but....

Although it's very hard to be on the receiving end, I am so grateful we are here at this phase.  The big news is that she's CAPABLE of separating because she no longer needs her main caregiver (yours truly).  So many Lyme kiddos don't get that opportunity since they require too much care.  They don't get the opportunity to spread their wings just yet.  Makes me so sad, since adolescence is hard on anyone, let alone a child managing a chronic illness.  Since she was 7 years old, we weren't just mother and daughter...we were patient and nurse. Constant contact, something to do every hour for her illness.  The chords of burden, resentment, and the nightmare memories have all had to be found, processed, and cut.

 It's strange, almost eerie, that she and I went from communicating 8 times a day to execute her Lyme protocol to just once, mainly for vitamins and what she wants for lunch the next day.  Not to mention the early days of care that resembled an infant schedule.

Some days it feels like one big blur, like she was super sick just yesterday...when it was scary each day living in fight-or-flight mode.  Every morning I opened her room door to the unknown.  Each day presented a healing crisis to solve or something milder, perhaps an easy day, a day where a full school day was a possibility.

Allergy Season
Allergy season has hit big-time as evident by the beautiful blossoms exploding around me, and that heavier, dusty feeling in the air.  Life is in the works!

In this house, allergies used to be such a burden and focus.  I have never witnessed such a mild, gentle adjustment to the dramatic weather changes and pollen spikes.  It's pretty amazing.  To date, I've only needed to do two BioSet clearings for allergies this year.  Only once has Romy gotten randomly allergic to her lunch due to the sudden high toxic load of the season arriving.  One clearing for the hormone panel:)   Romy has been taking Claritin most days, which helps.  That's all she needed to get her through that initial onslaught.

Lyme Symptoms
Romy hasn't needed monitoring by an LLMD for over two years now.  No symptoms to report.  Just the sensitive nervous system that no longer affects daily life.  Once in a blue moon she'll get allergic to a food that she hasn't had in a while, but that's pretty much it.  She can even handle strong tv and news content (even Trump lol).

She currently needs vit D, CoQ10, and B12 since she is now a vegan.  Not every day, but throughout the week it will come up.  She is back to exercising and is loving her new exercise classes and working out with a trainer to build up her strength from her long time off from her knee injury.

Romy and I continue to select supplements and vitamins by intuitive testing and muscle testing. Each day I stand in front of my supplies, organized by purpose, and test if anything is needed.  The categories I commonly check are brain support, essential vitamins and minerals, trace minerals, probiotics, binders, homeopathic drainers, and any herbs for immune or microbe support.

It is still a little ptsd-ish for me to not have her on an herbal anti-microbial protocol or any brain support such as phos choline or phos serine after all these years, so the double check helps me.  She also doesn't need to take Rescue Remedy anymore. This was something she used to take a couple times a day for years to help calm the nervous system.  Her body also doesn't rely on probiotics.  My intuition tells me that we are finally in a place where her microbiomme is healthy and can manage on its own.  Amazing how the body can heal itself, given the right support and time.

I do energy balancings about once a week on her, but for the most part she treats herself as needed(with balancings and reiki). Her essential daily baths filled with epsom salts and occasionally minerals, essential oils, and bentonite clay are happening about twice a week, and rarely does she need anything in it.  Just the heat.  There is nothing better than learning tools for Self Care.

I am so grateful that I get to see her go about her day without limitations and to be pretty much worry free about her health or being vulnerable to something extraneous.  It is truly amazing to be in this place.