Monday, June 1, 2015

Thank You

Thankful for the Lyme communities and brave doctors and practitioners.

-My good friend Laura Sawyer helped me with editing and guidance from the perspective of a fellow Lymie.  I am deeply grateful for her friendship.

-Thankful for Pam Weintraub's book.  Where would we all be without this all spelled out for us?

-Karen Gaudian & Jennifer Reed help in talking me off the ledge, getting help, listening, and being earth angels at the beginning 7 years ago.

-Dr. Jones, Horowitz, and Marra for saving my daughter's life.

-Dr. Jennifer Means for being "on the ground" nearby in the early days, and being our general practitioner over the years.

-Friends and family that empathized and listened to my crazy talk about a crazy illness.

-My Lyme sister Rusty, whom shares the same life as a Lyme family.

-Last but not least, my husband who made it possible for me to be a full-time caregiver by working very hard every day and believing in my ability to make hard decisions every day.