Sunday, November 29, 2015

Update - Fall 2015

With gratitude, I am able to share that my daughter's remission is holding.  She's 14, and a freshman in a public, city high school now, making A's and B's.  Overall her body and mind are more solid. She didn't have a flare up this year, even during an extremely stressful period.   She tore her knee meniscus, causing her to stop dancing in the middle of competition season.  This took a far more emotional toll on her - her identity, her outlet, her passion, team friends, all gone over night.  Even with that, she didn't relapse.

Residual symptoms continue to be the occasional food and pollen allergies a couple times a month.   The reactions and autonomic stress responses are milder and shorter in duration.  She's had some rough days of feeling anxious and panicky this fall due to some growing pains - a big high schooler, her knee setback, and what I see now as not Lyme (and confirmed by an LLMD), but growing pains and teenage issues.   

Interestingly, now that the Lyme layer has gotten to this stage, I can see more clearly some of her underlying metabolic vulnerabilities.  Her endocrine system is sensitive outside of the Lyme piece, just like we see in our family history, including the symptoms I had when menstruation hit me, ten years before I had Lyme.  More to come on this I am sure, but the lightbulbs are flashing big time! 

So with hormones and lack of exercise, it's amazing she hasn't fallen apart.  I know the heavy exercise had been a big part of her healing mentally and physically.  She should be cleared to begin PT during the holidays, so I imagine she will be back in the studio and much happier soon.  

The good news is she's flourishing, and discovering that she has more interests, gifts and talents as her knee heals.  She loves school, has a solid group of friends, and is involved in youth group.  I am so thankful for her ability to adapt and take this long dance break in stride.  


  1. thank you so much for sharing your child's journey and giving hope that healing is possible.