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Recording of daily symptoms and status is an effective way to inform, recall, and manage this illness. However, no one has the time to sort through a lot of information.  Keeping a document under one page long is your best chance of it being an effective tool.  Doctors, family members, babysitters, and teachers will most likely read and comprehend a snap shot.  This also forces you to really hone in on the highlights and most important information.  The better your one pagers are, the more likely it will help a practitioner in treating your child.  It will help provide perspective to people in your Lyme person's life.

Here is what you want to include

1) Overall paragraph summary of symptoms, anecdotes from school, activities, and anything noteworthy.  Overall percentage score, quantitative data if possible, such as number of flare days, missed school, other symptom events.

2) Current Protocol Organized by Purpose:  bug killers, probiotics, immune support, brain protocol, inflammation, enzymes, biofilm protocol, and others

3) Symptom List:  New, Ongoing, Occasional, Returning

4) same/better/worse notations when appropriate

Example of Symptom Summary 
General comments:  Romy has made steady progress in recovering from her relapse.  Although sx are mild, they are every day (eye blinking tic, emotions, and fatigue).  Sx worse b4 bed and upon waking.  Sensitive to food/abx/supps, and getting enough sleep.  

Since Our Last Visit:  Flew to east coast for Thanksgiving, got worse and worse collecting sx for the next few weeks. Really bad eye tics that lasted a couple weeks, affected her reading and kids noticed at school.  Got Bartonella Nodule, then too sick to go to school for the week before Christmas.  Occasional vision problems (blurry, blind spots).  

Flare reaction to food, biofilm enzymes, and occasionally her supps and abx.  A Bart caused flares too.  Desensitized her for abx, pasta sauce and milk with BioSET.  Working on the rest. Working on others (eggs, soy, and supps/abx).  Added in digestive enzymes which helps. 

Energy Testing:
12/21/10 Zyto: chlamydia trach, citrobacteri braakii, corynebacteria ukerane, clos bot a
1/3/11 BioSET: gall bladder, carotid, parotid, liver function, brain function

Example of Symptom Status
Common Flare Symptoms
emotional (anger, crying, sensitive, whiny)
throat, sometimes with stone sensation
slightly flushed, warm on occasion
Clammy hands  
vocal/throat tics:  throat clearing, sniffing, squeaky noises

New and Occasional Symptoms
left eye blinking tic, so bad it affected her reading.
weak arms
weak legs, especially going up stairs
right side of calf in front, and later all the way down leg to top of foot.   
Right plantar
right neck
right shoulder 
right arm pit
mid-back hurts
right patella burns when walking
chest “stings”
all-over “sore” legs
hot then cold in bed
crying in shower for no reason
sweaty neck
temporary nausea
itchy and sensitive neck
sensitive head
reddish cheeks, eczema on face, neck, upper arms. 
back of neck hurts
right eye and frontal/occip headache
one night of insomnia
rt hip flexor for an hour, aching on and off

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